XBox Kinect, Quartz Composer, Synapse, Syphon & Resolume Avenue 3

We’ve been doing a little work with the XBox Kinect to see what techniques we can use for live shows. Here’s a little sneak peek into what we’ve done so far.


Kinect, QC and Resolume
XBox Kinect, Quartz Composer, Synapse, Syphon & Resolume Avenue 3

The 3 Windows shown here are Quartz Composer (top left), Resolume Output (top right) and the Synapse wireframe window (bottom middle).

Xbox Kinect:
This is a product developed by Microsoft for the games console. It’s a hardware, camera based way to interact with devices by movement.

Quartz Composer:
A bit of apple developer software used to create and manipulate animations using OpenGL.

The software used to act as the “drivers” for the Kinect hardware. Very, very clever indeed!

Allows you to take video from any supported software and feed it into another. Nice! In this case, it was used to take the rendered output of QC and feed it into Resolume. Syphon currently supports Quartz Composer, VDMX, Modul8, MAX/Jitter and you can download the FFGL plugin for Resolume Avenue.

Resolume Avenue 3:​
The VJ software used to apply effects and mix video in realtime.

3 responses to “XBox Kinect, Quartz Composer, Synapse, Syphon & Resolume Avenue 3”

  1. José says:

    Hi, cheers from Mexico. I have a question, how do you connect quartz composer to Resolume. Thanks : )

  2. mrclarkson says:


    Very nice to see this working!

    Is there a guide anywhere for how to feed the Quartz video > Syphon > Resolume?

    I’m very keen to get that working!


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