24 Hour Pixel People – VJing and Visual Performance Documentary

Over the next 9 months we’ll be producing a feature documentary not just about VJing and audio visual performance but motion graphic design and the skills behind the programming and creation of the multimedia we see at clubs, festivals on TV and at the movies. 24 Hour Pixel People

The documentary is an in-depth, behind the scenes look at how the art has evolved and where it’s heading next.

We’re super excited to have some amazing international artists on board which we can’t yap about just yet but trust me, you’ll want to hear what they have to say. 🙂

We are opening up expressions of interest this month so if you want to be heard and have something to say or are participating in an amazing visual event or festival, let us know by contacting [email protected]

Check back here soon for updates and see ya round this summer (or winter in the north)!


2 responses to “24 Hour Pixel People – VJing and Visual Performance Documentary”

  1. Saskia says:


    my name is Saskia, I’m an anthropologist in the middle of her PhD studies at ANU. My current research started from the idea of looking at VJs and VJing, but now, after having done a year and a half of fieldwork in Barcelona, my thesis will be a bit differently focused.
    Good luck with the documentary and other visual endeavors!

  2. Arcane says:

    I’ve had some interesting achievements
    1st single artist animated piece on MTV’s liquid TV
    prob 1st real-time 3d beat reactive Auto-stereoscopic visuals on 3 auto-stereo screens 2007 Jonathan Peters New York / few months later /5 screens Tiesto LA Avalon Club
    from 2008-2011 10 shows vj’ing realtime beat reactive stereoscopic projections . Just completed projection mapped show for Shpongles Masquerade tour last year. About to complete a 45 minute 3D stereoscopic experience . Lots of festival gigs for many well known west coast DJ’s , Envision festival , Coachella, LIB, Burning Man , etc the autostereo and stereo stuff though make me very unique as well as most of my careee I have used a majority of my own creations . Which makes me more like a live band vs’s a DJ – check it out at the site. Peace Arcane

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