What’s New in VJ land? Syphon & Mad Mapper! That’s What!

There’s a certain buzz on the VJ circuit at the moment around the new(ish) mapping techniques being used to project video on 3D objects. I want to touch on the two most exciting developments of late which we’ve been testing in the studio. Syphon and Mad Mapper.


To put it simply, this little open source piece of pixel playfulness allows supported video applications to share ins and outs. The output of Resolume can goto the input of Mad Mapper for example. You see where this is going…

Syphon currently supports Quartz Composer, VDMX, Modul8, MAX/Jitter and you can download the FFGL plugin for Resolume Avenue.

Syphon with Resolume Avenue 3 and MadMapper

This amazing bit of software called MadMapper allows you to morph video on a 3D plane enabling projection on objects like buildings, or in this case a tennis court.


Mad Mapping a Tennis Court by 1024. This one is in Paris, we did something similar at Wimbledon 2010.

Visit the above links to download the software and try it out, the Mad Mapper demo is available.

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