Recording with Syphon Recorder

We’ve explained in a few of our previous tutorials how useful Syphon is to get video content between software applications.

Basically Syphon Recorder pipes video between VJ software like VDMX and projector mapping software like Madmapper (for example).

But what if you would like to record your set? This is where Syphon Recorder steps up the plate. It’s a really easy to use bit of software that lets you record clips at a specified size and format.

There are a few things you will need to set this up. First you will need Syphon compatible software for your Apple machine. You will also need Syphon itself: Download Syphon. Then you will need to download and install the recorder software: Download Syphon Recorder.

When you have it all installed and running, check the preferences and choose the size, codec and destination of the recording. Then all you need to do is just select the Syphon input you want and start recording. Job done! {Edit: it’s worth noting that VDMX now has a recorder function which can replace Syphon Recorder}

Syphon Recorder Prefs Image

Syphon Recorder Prefs

6 responses to “Recording with Syphon Recorder”

  1. Walt Carter says:

    Hello – I just installed Syphon Recorder on my MBP (OS X Yosemite 10.10.2) and configured according to the above.

    Mixed videos records & plays back fine but no audio output. I have a NuMark NS7 controller running Serato DJ version 1.7.3. Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions?

  2. Walt Carter says:

    “Numark USB Audio Device” was selected for the audio input in Syphon.

  3. Dj bomzy says:

    Hello please I did a video mix , but whenever I try to upload it in places like YouTube , it gives a very loud background noise but plays well if I just play it like that, and secondly please how can I change to save in MP4 format

  4. Dj magik says:

    Is this program compatible with serato video?

  5. dj says:

    Hi the recorder displays nothing am using rane ttm 50 and mixemergencg

  6. It seems that every new version uses different codecs for the recording, could you make a little refe3rence list of the codecs used on the latest versions?

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