Free New Years Eve Visuals!

We’re in a kind of festive mood so thought we’d share some of the countdown visuals we use in our VJ sets. There are two that come in very handy. One is a .swf flash file which will take it’s time off of your computer’s own clock (so make sure it’s correct!) The other is a .mov file which will count down from 10:00mins.

They both count down in single 1 second increments until they reach 0 then end with Happy New Year! as text.

Download links are below: (right click, and save as to download)

Flash Countdown: countdown.swf (30kb)
Quicktime Countdown: (22Mb)

We can’t take credit for the creation of the flash countdown timer and really can’t remember where it came from so thank you to the person who originally created it.

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  1. Please send me the link to the free New Years Eve visuals

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