Amon Tobin – Live at the Roundhouse, London

One of the most respected artists on the Ninja Tune catalogue, Amon Tobin alongside V Squared Labs and LVTHN unleashed an audio-visual behemoth last night at the Roundhouse in London. The project marks his 7th album release, ISAM.

Tobin’s renowned for his glitchy, sample based, poly-rhythmic music bordering on experimental, mind-bending soundscapes, video of this calibre complements it perfectly.

I’ve been around the visual/multimedia block once or twice, but never before have I seen such an intricately mapped stage withen the constraints of such an iconic venue like the Roundhouse. Spectacular attention to detail is putting it lightly.

Truly something words struggle to define. Below are a collection of videos from both his past work on the album Foley Room, and clips from his performance.


Amon Tobin – Live at the Roundhouse, London 2011.


Trailer for Amon Tobin


Full-length video for the song


Visit the Amon Tobin Website

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